Maine Medical Marijuana

Maine has had a medical marijuana law in place now for over a decade.  For many years it was an ‘underground’ law with marijuana patients having no way to access medicine, legally at least.  It wasn’t until recently Maine passed a law making it legal for patients to obtain and posess medical marijuana. 

This has been exciting news for patients, doctors and entrapeneurs looking to profit off this new business niche.  Along with multiple growm shops opening up al over the state, there has been an obsurd amount of applicants trying to become medical marijuana care givers.

Maine Medical Marijuana

Last month the federal goverment stepped into Maines program along with other states programs and ‘reminded’ us all that marijuana in any form is still federally illegal. 

It leaves patients and other enthusiasts wondering what the furture holds for Maine’s and the United States medical marijunana policy. 

At the begginging of the year 2011 all Maine medical marijuana patients were required to apply for a medical marijuna card, this puts patients into a registry allowing law enforcement to see who is and who isn’t a Maine medical marijuana card holder.

For most this comes with mixed feelings, John Leavitt of the Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine is doing all he can to get this law amended and as well as pushing for a ton of other initiatives.

Some think Maine medical marijuana registration is a step in the right direction.

“If this is going to be legal, registration is inevitable, we just have to deal with it, its for the saftey of law enforcement.  I mean, if marijuana is really going to go mainstream then some type of regulation is going to occur.” says an annoynomous Maine patient.

As far as dispensaries go we have yet to see any sprout up in Maine.  The law was passed last fall to allow a certain number of dispensaries to open per district, this would hopefully avoid complications of communities being over run with marijuana dispensaries, such is the case in other states like Colorado and California. 

No matter how you feel there is no denying the influx of economy to the state of Maine due to medical marijuana.  Not to mention all the patients who find solace in the fact that they can use their medicine without fear of being prosecuted, at least on the state level.

Maine has shown the best example so far as to how a medical marijuana program can effectivley be introduced and regulated.  Of course there are still bugs to work out of the system.

Many people think medical marijuana needs to be distributed through a doctor or pharmacist like any other pharmacutical product.  The problem with this seems to be that there are not enough doctors never mind pharmacists who are familiar with the plant.  Dosing is also a continuing struggle with the implementation of medical marijuana, since the potency is based so widely on the strain as well as the quality of the grow, it is hard to determine a consistent dosing protocol. 

From what we hear around the community is that Maine cargivers and patients like things just the way they are.  A caregiver can have no more than 6 patients, making it easy to form a relationship with those patients, this way the caregiver knows what the patients need and the patients can be comfortable getting their medicine. 

The process of growing, managing, distributing and purchasing bewtween patient and care giver speaks alot about what the people of Maine are all about.  Most want quality without a lot of interference and they want to know what they are getting for their dollar, this type of relationship serves those things nicely.

We want to hear what our readers think about this issue as well as medical marijuana programs in other states.