The Best Strain for Your Condition

What Strain for my condition?

Certain strains will do different things for individuals. However this far in cannabis evolution we have figured out that some strains consistently prove to be effective at treating certain issues. It is exciting that a natural plant can help heal in so many different ways. Here you can match up your condition with effects of certain strains.

Digestive Disorders:       Blueberry, Blackberry, Black Domina.

Nausea and Diarrhea and Cramping, Menstrul Cramps:    Blueberry,Stars

Social Anxiety: NL#5, Romulan, Kush Strains

Stress:          Heavenly Man, OG Kush, BubbleGum

Maine Medical Marijuana

MS Neuropathic Pain / Urinary Incontinence: Trainwreck, Super Silver Haze, Sour Diesel

Sleep and General Relaxation: Sensi Stars, Sonoma Coma, Lifesaver, XXX,

Alert, Cerebral: AK-47, Dankouver, Cambodian X, Orange Peako.

Social disorders, Insomnia, Emotional Disorders: Black Domina, Butterscotch Hawiian, Trainwreck, Afgani, Blueberry

Anti Depress & Anxiety, Sleep: Blue Moonshine, Jack Herrer, M-39, Herijuana.

Chronic Pain: Romulan, Shiskeberry.

Appetite Stimulant/Spasms: TY’s Northernberry and Reefermans herijuana.

Joint and Muscle Pain: Legends Ultimate Indica, UBC Chemo and Grapefruit